Jan. 17, 2022

Provoked Thought "The Final Dream Still Deferred"

"Jessie Jackson said today that voting rights were the crown jewel of the civil rights movement, but in reality, the crown jewel of the civil rights movement was never achieved because Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. realized that without economic parity or economic equality, voting rights and civil rights never got Americans of African Descent any closer to real equality in this nation. Dr. Martin Luther King's son said today that Dr. King would be rolling over in his grave about the supposed loss of voting rights in states today. But Dr. King was rolling in his grave when Black Americans seemingly ignored his final struggle to close the gap between the have's and the have not's. Our communities just let that dream wither away on the dead tree of hopelessness. The real battle and Dr. King's final battle was the "reparations battle" or "wealth redistribution battle". Because it was easy for America to put on paper civil or voting rights but it was almost an impossibility for America to give up economic paper to even the odds for poor people of color."

Joseph Hall