Jan. 15, 2022

Happy Birthday Dr. King

"When Dr. King went to the mountaintop and looked over on April 3, 1968. He saw a nation that had atoned for all the evils it casted upon Americans of African Descent in the form of economic reparations. I would venture to say that the atonement of America is sorely lacking and the economic gap has widened between White Americans and the descendants of those who were held in bondage and lived under the boot of Jim Crow and terrible wealth stealing policies implemented by the government of this nation. So, please don’t mention Dr. King’s 1963 dream because he woke up and realized that America’s reality for Americans of African Descent was truly a nightmare. That’s why Dr. King’s final dream is still deferred and is crusty like an open wound. Happy 93rd Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. some of us understand that America’s homogenized King isn’t anywhere close to the Radical King who sought real definitive change in how America brings injustice into the homes of Americans by refusing to make right what it horrendously did wrong to his peoples. #ReparationsNow "

Joseph Hall