Jan. 14, 2022

Reflecting On Dr. King's 93rd Birthday

As we come up to tomorrow's 93rd birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I still believe that now, more than ever we must locate and discover Dr. King's beloved community of humanity. The planet is trying to tell us something for far too long so many of us have refused to acknowledge the brevity of the planet's call.
  • For those of us who don't believe in a higher force try to explain to me the beauty of a hummingbird's flight, flights that defy all of science, and say it isn't an act of something higher than God's work?
  • Try to explain to me how a woman, Harriet Tubman, could face the ravages of enslavement and become the guidepost for those seeking freedom for nearly two hundred years?
  • Try to explain to me how Malcolm Little could bloom into Malcolm X without the power of a force higher than simply one man's determination?
  • Try to explain to me how a 26-year-old Baptist minister, Martin Luther King Jr. educated in a series of great northeastern universities could end up in a southern city at exactly the right time to forge a bus boycott movement that changed the course of civil rights in this nation, and the world?
  • Or explain to me how on each of our shoulders rest an instrument that is capable of solving all the problems in the world. Who do you think placed that instrument there is no God?
That is why no matter the difficulties, or barriers you may face today, and possibly tomorrow. You must know that God has a plan for you. You need simply to modify the way you think, modify the way you accept information, and stop allowing those negative influences around to cause you to doubt yourself. Your mind has been developed by God to accept his guidance but you have allowed the systems to be corrupted. Uncorrupted, we easily would make the hard decisions easy and the solutions would be unveiled. Corrupted, easy decisions become impossible and hard decisions aren't even considered. So don't get down on yourself get up on the possibilities of possible change. Today is the day when you can be the person you want to become just believe in your possibilities!
 We can indeed discover that beloved community that Dr. King envisioned because that beloved community resides in each of us together, united in love. We must ensure that our black and brown children aren't left behind. Because right now many of them are in the danger zone without a clear path out.