Jan. 4, 2022

42 Million Isn't Acceptable

Last night Monday, January 2, 2022, over 42 million Americans went to bed “hungry”, and malnourished. That figure should be unacceptable for any level of acceptance by Americans who are nourished and fully fed. In a nation where 1% of the nation’s population controlled about $41.52 trillion in the first quarter of 2021, there should be more of a concerted effort of wealth redistribution to balance the scales of American society. America was built during a period of a flourishing white middle class but even those in the middle white class have seen their wealth deprecate over the past generation, especially after the 8 years of Reagan economics where the “trickle-down formula became a rushing up formula” for the super-rich. When the average net worth of that 1% is 11.1 million and where it’s now necessary to earn an average of $758,434.00 per year to join this elite status. There is certainly a level of greed and hoarding that exists amongst this group of individuals. The attitude that I got mine and now you get yours certainly does exist with many of these 1%’ers. When 50% of American Households have 15X less total wealth than the Top 1% total combined wealth then the need for a strategic wealth redistribution being necessary is undeniable. This pandemic has revealed the economic disparities that exist between the have’s and hand not’s because while trillions of dollars have flowed into the pockets of the hands' multiple trickles have caused the dam to break dollars for the pockets of the have nots. America, Americans both white and black cannot continue to dream a dream of escaping the lower rungs of economic classifications because with each passing day that dream of economic prosperity is evaporating away. What is the answer to America’s dilemma of wealth inequality? I cannot envision the wealth holders happily giving away wealth and balancing the economic scales that have fed this imbalance for every year America has existed. Nor does it look like the evaporating middle class will never stop looking sideways at the harm this economic disparity has caused this nation. Knowing that 42 million Americans when to sleep hungry and malnourished last night disturbs me. Knowing that so few Americans control so much personal wealth disturbs me. Knowing that Americans will seemingly never act on Martin Luther King Jr.’s biggest dream of wealth redistribution disturbs me. The fact that the solution of this nation’s myriad of negative impact issues related to wealth inequality is right in front of us but we simply are too brain conditioned to think that wealth inequality is an American virtue disturbs me as well. It’s hard to be creative and imaginative when that child’s belly button touches their child’s backbone. I wonder when 99% of Americans will decide that 1% of their population doesn’t have the right to control the scale of opportunities for the masses of Americans. When the dream of escaping abject poverty becomes unfathomable for the majority of Americans King's quest for economic redistribution must indeed become a reality.


Thank You