Dec. 30, 2021

My Personal Creativity Celebrating Kuumba

Today, on the 6th day of Kwanzaa we celebrate the remarkable spirit of KUUMBA/CREATIVITY that resides in each and every one of us. It is the creative spirit aligned with the love of community and those that reside in those communities that make the spirit of Kwanzaa come alive in each of us. If we totally immerse ourselves in creativity whether that creativity resides in the arts, business, self-improvement, faith, athletics, written word then our communities will again thrive as our remarkable ancestors would have wanted. So today I will bring to my BLOG seven of creations that came from within me to celebrate CREATIVITY, enjoy and have a safe new year's eve night as we launch into 2022 with renewed faith in each other and our abilities to rise above our circumstances.


Growing Up Black I’m Not Going To Backtrack

Growing up in the ghetto as a kid you knowingly feed me lead
You knew all that lead would eventually mess up my head
Damn, why is that lead so close to my bed?
Then you put me in broken classrooms to stunt me
Teachers not teaching they even affronting me
Teachers not reaching can”t hear them is that police sirens screeching
Preachers still preaching dare say some are just leeching?
Communities collapsed around churches but hey they still preaching
Now that you’ve stunted me, mentally and physically confronted me
Tell me why America or you are now simply man-hunting me
My dreams and education are stunted
Walking through broken communities feeling affronted
Constantly badgered as well as confronted
Concerned, disengaged and seemingly man-hunted
This America is how many blacks see justice as fronted
Tell me why America that just being black
Cuts you no slack, justice is constantly turning it’s back
Policeman always looking to attack they never fallback
This country for some blacks is truly just whacked
Injustice and lies are forever seemingly stacked!




You can stack the deck
You can even let justice continue to go unchecked
Hell, you can even make me sweat
My mind is strong on this here though you can bet
Being black wasn’t a choice I was given
But living black is this life has been my thanksgiving
Hell even if this life at times can be absolutely unforgiving 
You see through all the strife
I’d still choose this here BLACK life
Dammit to hell I’d even choose to be BLACK in the after-life
So don’t you dare think I beholden 
To all that economic power you are holding
You see we got a new nation of young blacks in need of molding
The black race my friends is far from simply unfolding
You see I don’t hate all whites 
Only the ones that attempt to lower my sights
Or the ones looking to destroy my rights
You see being black can mean facing many slights
Oh oh hell when you hit it?
Damn being black oh my what lights, what heights
So come to my blackness except for some fights
You see what those poor white’s fail to see
Being black can set your mind free
It also means no looking up from a denied knee
Living black is my ultimate choice
Standing up with a mighty strong voice
Can’t you see that being black is definitely ME
Look around at all the best, when blacks do it they outshine all the rest
Hell even in these decrepit school we still pass all your tests
So all this talk about you being the best?
Would you please just give it a rest
Oh, yeah, we gotta stop all these black folks from needlessly dying
It should help if the police just stopped adding to these poor mother’s crying
They complicate matters without even really trying
They shoot us even if we seem to be complying
And that my friends are so damn horrifying
America, justice for all creeds is what you should be supplying
So stack the deck
Neglect paying that reparation check
Even though most of our communities remain a wreck
Most of our schools are absent of any new tech
Many in our communities don’t even get a paycheck
Yet, all in all when I make my call 
It’s in the black lines this here brother will fall
You know what I’m black as I can be
And dammit I will forever stand TALL
Bold, Brash, and 100% Black never questioning that at all
Dubois, Coleman, King, Vesey, Garvey, Turner, Hamer, Malcolm, and Stokely
They all had black skins and where each was definitely smoking
So this brother is never thinking about doing no cloaking
Challenge my blackness that thought is certainly provoking!



Oh I Am So Secure That Fannie Lou Hamer Is Inside My Soul 

Today is a Fannie Lou Hamer type of day
Why you say, is it that type of day?
You see to me and others know that Fannie did things her particular kind of way
Fannie never allowed injustice to stick around without some Hamer say
That’s why to me this is indeed a Fannie Lou Hamer type of day
She lived six decades on this here earth and for that, she earned a hero’s berth
You see Fannie Lou Hamer fought all of her battles on enemy turf
She desired for all of her people some good free earth
That’s why to me this type of day demands that Ms. Fannie Lou Hamer rebirth
So when my soul feels a little uneasy, and my thoughts aren’t quite breezy
Heck I may even think folks are treating me a little bit sleazy
That’s when I act out the call for Ms. Fannie Lou Hamer’s words to stand tall
You see that secures that my beliefs will never ever fall
That is also why no matter what bad intentions may befall
That special part of my ancestry will build me up like King Saul
You see Fannie Lou Hamer never wanted us to be backed up against a hater’s wall
Her stature may have been small but Fannie’s was packaged with power
Which demanded that sister would never ever cower
You see Fannie Lou Hamer was sent to this earth to empower
She had an incredible will and unbelievable brainpower
Her words and her deeds combined to create awesome firepower
That’s why today is a Fannie Lou Hamer type of a day
Why you say is it that way
Simply because even now through it all Fannie still leads the way
Fannie’s words and her deeds deliver the special type of a ray
That ensures that for me this is indeed a Fannie Lou Hamer type of day
I’m so secure that Fannie walks with my stride
You see Fannie never pits me against an unbeatable tide
I am with Miss Fannie along with a BIG FREEDOM ride
Her words and her deeds will forever be my secure guide. 




400 years and still we wait; 
from denied action; 
from lethal action;
from Jim crow action; 
from economic inaction;
from drug-induced reaction;
from overseas military action;
from coming home from wars without rights action;
from misplaced affirmative action; 
from little or no damn action; 
from police state murderous action;
it's about time for some real strategic, creative balancing the scale action;
for some truth, economic and racial equality across the board action; 
400 years and still we wait;



Chuck Berry, America Owes You Bigtime

Hey those strings flicking
The chords are clicking
The rock and roll bomb is ticking
This is Chuck Berry’s way of politicking 
Damn his fingers gliding
The sounds are thriving
Erasing racial tensions 
Jim Crow’s dancing 
Jane Crow prancing
This ain’t no ballroom dancing
Ain’t no squares doing this damn dancing
Just maybe for this 90-minute set equality is advancing 
How you going hate when the groove has…
……Gotcha, Gotcha, …..Gotcha you GONE
Damn that soul is smooth
You see racial hate it seems to soothe
When that brother’s playing racism is on the move
How you going to hate when Johnny B’s so cool
How you going hate when Beethoven just rolled over
How you going hate when you just pulled my whoops
How you gonna hate when you got no particular place to go
How you gonna hate when Maybellene just high-stepped across the stage
How you gonna hate when you reeling and rockin’
How you gonna hate when you too pooped to hurl a slur
How you going hate when Chuck than showed you, soul's ultimate promised land
How you going hate when you can hardly stand 
Damn that brother’s guitar is best in all the land
Chuckie B’s is quite the artist for 90 minutes at a time
Chuckie B sweated out hate and Jim Crow’s demise was its fate
How you gonna hate when Chuckie B is playing is on the school grounds
Damn that brother’s got some cool sounds
Chuck Berry’s playing rock and roll on the fairgrounds
Even at 90 years old Chucky B still had the groove
America you still have so much to prove
You see Chuck only wanted people of all colors to groove TOGETHER.



“Justice Suffers Still”

From Plymouth Rock To Standing Rock
From Jamestown To North Charleston
From slavery’s bonds to filled black jail cells
Where is justice for those who suffer
Why doesn’t this country have a judicial buffer
The problem of the 20th century is the problem of what?
How can those words so clearly spoke in 1903 still be prevalent today
How say you WEB, how can you be so clairvoyant?
How is it that those words you spoke still resound in America today?
How can those bound in darkened skin 
Still, face this harshened hated wind
Tell me why racial hatred is still an enduring sin?
Which way did they say justice bends
In my mind, I ask only when will all this hatred and madness end. 



Don’t Get Mad, Sad or Break Bad Build Some Black Economic Power Comrades 

Obama said black reparations were in order but they would cause white America complete disorder
So we had put our own economic houses in some type of order
We in the black community can’t seem to turn over a dollar
Yet some of these black folks don’t seem to holler
Why in the hell are we so fucking tight in the collar
It’s not as if some of us won’t beat the hell out the scholar
Asians, Arabs, and Greeks spend all our money
They even buy their own honey 
While we remain meek and that church wants me to turn that other cheek
While the black pastor’s vehicles are so sleek
Is that the reason our community remains so economically weak
Is it because we won’t accept a valid critique?
It’s like saving our dollars is so damn mystique
Others can do it so let’s learn those money saving techniques
We act as if saving our dollars makes us all weak
Hell we rather buy our kids Jordan’s and build that company’s dollar
Then have our black children be labeled as geeks
This stupid ass spending money strategy really needs a damn tweak
Why you stand in the sneaker line all the damn week
Just keep buying Nike’s you will never peak
Turning over our money why is that so unique
You see with money comes the power that we all surely seek
We can all decide to open black-owned only boutiques
That’s when all of the companies will listen when we speak
You see now blacks will have the power of thousands of sheiks
Companies like Nike, Apple, and Macy will finally freak
Because lines for buying Nike’s will become so antique
And all of our black dollars are no longer headed up the creek
The sight of those saving dollars will make rich white people reek
You see no longer will black folks avoid cash saving techniques
So don’t get mad, sad or break bad
We have to something significant comrade
If you read this you know that these words ring so true
Black people need an economic breakthrough
We need to find that black money savings guru
Stop wasting our monies on the latest hairdo
Or popping those bottles with gold-laden corkscrews
You see spending our dollars with no aim in sight
Only ensures our black dollars take flight
That my friends bring our enemies delight
It also keeps our communities in despicable blight
You see our communities are so damn scattered in thought
The idea of saving our monies well that wasn’t taught
Opening black-owned businesses that went for naught
Standing in lines for Nike’s oh that disease was now caught
The battle for black economic independence needs to be fought
So don’t get mad, sad or break bad
We need to start saving our monies comrades
Black economic wealth is now on the launchpad
If we don’t try to build it it will continue to make others glad

As we continue to live in communities stark raving mad
Cooperative Economics is the only way to GO so get to it NOW and create a dynamic NEW SHOW.