Dec. 27, 2021


Today is the second of Kwanza and “dang-nab-bit” I am super excited because today’s theme revolves around YOU. You see can meet the challenges presented by those Goliath issues that may take you off track with a healthy, and I mean a healthy dose of inner-faith. Positive affirmations are really like a daily prayer? No, it is sometimes confused with prayer to whom ever you worship, but these affirmations are “to you, and by you”. Positive affirmations to me are the action of talking directly, vocally, and internally to your inner conscious. You see YOU are the most powerful entity on this planet. You are indeed more powerful than any titan of industry, or elected leader of a government. YOU, if you can AFFIRM, YOU can indeed crack any damn barrier that is presented before you. 


The fact of the matter is that each of us is born unless disabled mentally with the most powerful instrument known to mankind. It isn’t artificial intelligence it’s actual reality brain intelligence. We simply don’t understand our unique abilities that are in fact superhuman. You are the X-Man embodied in your own physical self.  You don’t have to pay ten dollars to see the fictional X-Men. All you need to do is look in the mirror of your mind every day. You see the powers you have would astound even Professor X or Magneto. You have much more within yourself but that self must be fed with affirmations otherwise you live your life hesitating never taking those bold steps forward. What happens is that over time our belief in our super brain power is extinguished because we listen to those outside forces and we forget to concentrate on our internal brain resources. That is why you must AFFIRM because it CONFIRMS to that powerful brain of yours that you haven’t given in to the doubts, disbelief, and negativity that the world presents us on a second by second basis.


You remember as a kid believing in the impossible? Remember, being able to actually visualize the auras of the people around you. You and I could see the energies reflected in each other. We seemingly gravitated to those emitted energy sources when we selected friends and identified family members. We also were enabled with the ability to see if someone emitted negative energy. We did this subconsciously without thought. However, over time our brain packed away these skills because he either ignored them or reasoned that they were separate and apart from us. We unintentionally, maybe in some cases intentionally diminished our own brain power. Well, it’s time to revive and thrive make haste not waste and chase and paste the thoughts of renewal across the landscape of our personal engine of success today. Everyone in my age group remembers if they lived and followed sports THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME, Muhammad Ali. Well, some people thought Muhammad Ali engaged in his affirmations before his fights to build interest. No, Muhammad Ali understood that if he could speak it out loud to himself and to others he was telling his subconscious the final verdict even before the trial had even started. He spoke to his mind and his mind spoke back to him letting both know everything was going to end up just like he said it would publicly in his affirmations. You see, Ali’s power was not just in his physical abilities. Although those abilities were unique and fabulous. Ali. had what many of his opponents didn’t have “mental superpowers beyond measure.” 


Whatever you tell your subconscious on a daily basis, your subconscious without a filter believes initially. It is only when those affirmations are confronted with past experiences, and all the other negative filters we develop over time. That the affirmations start to dwindle away into self-doubt and the so-called dreaded reality checks. This is when disbelief sets in and what you were so sure of moments, even seconds ago moves into the darkened room of never going to happen.  That is why Nick Cannon, whom I have never met but now have great respect for talks to himself in an affirmative way every day of his life. The saying was it’s cool to talk to yourself as long as you don’t answer. Well, that’s a fallacy. That fallacy was created by a negator, a dream thief, a dream extinguisher. You should not only affirm to YOU but when the BIGGER YOU answers that being your subconscious mind. You must definitely answer back to soldier and strengthen that affirmation. The more those affirmations are confirmed the more likely that you move closer to your desired objective. 


So get on board the self-affirmation express, make sure those affirmations are positive. Also, make sure those affirmations are large and in charge. Shoot for the stars doesn't let your conscious mind create any bars. Your dreams my friend are large as the planet Mars. So, write them down, and stack them up and don’t get down and never wallow in doubt. The time is now for you to shout and knock off those negators with the powerful clout of self-affirmation which enhances your self-determination. So go on you Umojans head to that personal space which allows your mind to expand and self-affirm for self-determination.