Dec. 7, 2021

This Here

Many or most of our HBCU, like Virginia State University are shrouded by the senseless violence that feasters in the black communities, violence that is unchecked due to the atmosphere of racial indifference that is an earmark of this country. I'm tired of the country's indifference and it's time for a change but the thing is this; change must come from within our communities not from those who created this environment with policies of neglect and hatred by white politicians who seek our demise, not our uplift. Growing up black in America shouldn't be so terrible and hopeless but it is. Finally, the simple fact is this we can either stop the madness personally or we are doomed to be erased from this world because we keep looking outside of ourselves for the solutions. Petersburg, Virginia isn't any less deadly or dangerous than Chicago, IL or Baltimore, MD for a black man caught in the scope of a bullet.