Nov. 2, 2021


I was born in the hate-filled atmosphere of Jim Crow. I lived in a city, Baltimore, that had police head knockers beholden to the patty rollers who monitored the movement of black slaves on the 90,000 white owned plantations. I was told by a white educator in 1972 that my best hope for living a good life for a negro was not by going to college but getting a job with hourly skills. I saw US tanks rolling down my streets in 1968. My own brothers and sisters fell to the ugly oppression of the streets. I’ve seen my family members locked up from 1994 Biden Crime Bill. I have seen Biden’s racism firsthand.

Now he’s proposed giving nearly 1/2 million dollars to each Hispanic caught at the southern border but not a single dollar to the Haitians and not a single dollar to African Americans who deserve reparations. So my goal is too look past Biden because he continues to slap us in the face and demands our support in ballot boxes with fake promises. I truly believe that we will gain the higher ground we deserve. We simply have to educate the young to fight the battle for reparations which will be consummated by 2030. We need to build this army, only by ensuring the army understands the fight in its totality. As Malcolm said if we want to win the fight it must involve educating people on the stakes of the fight. Because it is a fight for the soul and hearts of our black communities.

I simply agonized about this recently released plan of Biden to buy the Hispanic vote with a plan to enrich non-American to the detriment of Americans who build this nation with a hint of payments, either during the period of slavery, the period of Black Reconstruction, or the hundred or more of Jim Crow tactics. I'm simply tired of the lies just as our ancestors grew tired of the lies of the Republican Party in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. If we must await of pinnacle goal, if I am not able to enjoy many benefits from reparations, so be it. Just as long as a people gain what is due, reparations now.