Oct. 29, 2021

Black Excellence Couldn’t Be Stopped By White Oppression

After reading the Chapter "The Laboratory For Manhood" in Breaking The Lines about 7 years ago. I have to wonder why didn’t someone replicate Eddie Robinson's model for building an NFL QB. I know that there are great NFL QB's currently but with early departures from the college ranks so many QB's are inadequately prepared to led a team. However I truly believe that a college and NFL coach should research and replicate how Eddie Robinson trained James "Shack" Harris to be the model QB. Coach Robinson taught James Harris toughness, the ability to critically think out a game, move 2-3 and 4 steps ahead of the opponent’s defensive moves, and to master the art of reading defenses. He shared that teaching as well on Doug Williams, who became the first black quarterback to win a Super Bowl game paving the way and opening the door to today’s black quarterbacks. Eddie Robinson was the greatest football coach ever. He was offered a job in the pro ranks but continued to reside in Grambling, Alabama. The next greatest coach was closeted in Jacksonville, Florida, his name was Jake Gaither who faced so many racial challenges it was incredible that he was still able to complied an 80% winning record.
The greatest defensive coach lived in Nashville, Tennessee his name was Joe Gilliam Sr. who I believe took model of defensive coaching to a whole new level. His defensive schemes were copied by coaches all across the country. Coach Gilliam was a certified genius and a scholastic wizard. So, the Tennessee State Tigers benefited from his coaching excellence. Coach Gilliam was never the head coach but on most Saturday’s in the Fall, he was most likely the best coach on the sidelines. The greatest offensive line coach and developer of blocking schemes resided in Baltimore, Maryland at Morgan State College, Coach Earl Banks. Yes, these men were men with massive abilities to turn sour grapes into magnificent champaign. I don't want to leave out one of the greatest salesman in college football Coach John Merritt who didn't do much coaching because his staff was superb but he was an incredible talent evaluator for both Jackson State and Tennessee State. These five men were denied the opportunity because of their skin color to compete against the white teams until late in their careers both in college and also the pros. But the gifts and their individual talents allowed our black athletes to benefit from their mastery.


29.10.2021 22:04


I attended Historic Black Fairmont Heights High School which opened as a School for Negro Students. Black Coaches at Fairmont continued to win games, regional and state championships.