Oct. 18, 2021

Colin Powell My Thoughts

A warrior will indeed fall on his sword for his nation but the sword that Colin Powell was asked to fall on was too much for one man to burden.

Rest in eternal peace Colin Powell you made your mark on this world and stood your ground left your footprints in the sands forever those footprints will attest to your philosophy of America’s stance of spreading democracy even when those you sought to protect didn’t understand Powell’s Doctrine. You had a clean heart, a fresh mind, a soldier’s glide, and Colin Powell fully embraced this Nation’s pride in upholding its democratic principles. Colin Powell never believed that those who would lie would take this nation down that unseemly path, a path that took so many lives searching for weapons that knew never existed. It caught this proud man in that insidious web of lies, lies perpetrated with the full knowledge of the cabal that devised the plan to attack and destroy a sovereign nation. It put Colin Powell front and center in the community of nations detailing facts that were contrived to fool and convert unbelievers into a league of searchers. Searching for weapons of mass destruction because those weapons must exist because Colin Powell, a man of virtue and dignity ensured those nations that they did.

For 84 years  Colin Powell walked with the giants of this American land and we should be happy that Colin Powell, once a kid from the Bronx, New York found his niche in life. His true meaning. He decided to live a soldier's life. He committed his mental resources and his physical energies to become that pure, honest patriot, a warrior to the highest degree. Once ask to serve Colin served with honor on foreign shores to protect the doctrines of democracy. Once he raised his right to serve, protect and defend the Constitution of this nation, Colin Powell never yielded, always forward never backward.

Now, Colin Powell, you have become an ancestor. Taking with you to that great beyond all those honors and medals and the many firsts you achieved as a black man in this, your nation, The United States of America. through military and public service. The shame is the blotch that the cabal placed squarely on your shoulders and the many lives lost because you fell into that insidious trap. So, Colin Powell can now rest well and one day join your greatest love Alma in that ancestor's garden. Alma trekked the world with you and protected your home while you protected our nation. I'll remember the good of Colin Powell but I cannot ever forget the blotch caused by that sick cabal.


18.10.2021 18:42