Sep. 24, 2021

Term Limits Dammit!

"Term limits dammit term limits dammit why in the hell is, Charles Grassley, an 88 year man running for his 8th term in the Senate in 2022? Why does an 88 year old woman, Dianne Feinstein, still hold a Senate seat when all her inner circle is aware that her mental faculties are severely impacted due to her age? Why are so many of our supposedly black congressional leaders a day late and a dollar short of acting on the measures that are vital to our black communities across this nation. Of course, we hear the same old lame argument whenever this talk of term limits are discussed by sensible folks feeling change is necessary, seniority, the longer you stay the more powerful you get in terms of being able to conduct business. Both the Senate and the House revolves around seniority and gaining chairmanship of the most important committees, Ways and Means, Intelligence, Appropriations, Armed Services, Agriculture, and Finance. This means staying longer rewards one in gaining one of those plum positions. The major problem with this process in using simply seniority as the deciding factor is that many times the representative holds onto power too long and becomes ineffectual in the position gained simply by staying around the longest. We need to change this process of governing in the legislative branch of our government. Just as we changed the executive branch of government to the limit of 2 terms for the President. No way should anyone serve damn near a 1/2 century of more in a federally elective position. The time for change has passed due, way passed due. The fact that an 88-year-old individual is responsible for impacting laws that will effect change for decades to come should tell you that term limits must be enacted. Where is that Constitutional Amendment? When does it arrive? "