Sep. 1, 2021

Clyburn? I Blame You

So how long did the Biden presidency last before it collapsed under the forces of Biden’s dementia? Long enough for those who voted for him to understand the enormous mistakes that were made that gave him the nomination. I am looking directly at Congressman Clyburn who righted the sunken ship that was the Biden presidential campaign heading into South Carolina. Every with any sense knew what Biden was and wasn’t before the South Carolina and Clyburn had one job if he had any meaningful consciousness. That job was to send a few political torpedoes to sink the Biden campaign. But, no he decided that a potential Biden presidency was what this nation needed. Hell, I believe any Democratic Presidential candidate would’ve beaten the seating incumbent in the General Election. Yet, we got stuck with Biden/Harris neither of whom had the true support of the conscious black community. So, now 8 1/2 months into this administration what do we have? No real chance at securing reparations any time soon, black communities still failing, a disengaged Vice President and mentally weakened aged President. Thanks, Clyburn and thanks to the Congressional Black Caucus for not standing up and stopping Clyburn from making that horrible decision. Oh yeah, thanks for the day off celebrating a true day equality and economic opportunity we as a black community have yet to receive.