Aug. 23, 2021

Move South For Change Black Man, Black Woman

"What Dr. Charles Blow writes in The Devil We Know regarding a reverse migration from north to south for a significant number of black millennials makes a deal of sense. At the rate, the Hispanic populations are growing in the Southwest and California they will own the political capital to drive policies because within three decades Hispanics will become the majority population of Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, and while California won’t be majority Hispanic, Hispanics will be the largest racial group in the state. That means Hispanics will control not only the statehouses but also 8 US Senate seats and have a significant influence in California's Senate selections. They will also control how those states elect representatives to Congress. They will have control of the electoral votes as well. Where, what region of the nation will Blacks have the opportunity to gain political power? Only in the south with a massive shift of our young black millennials to the following states to bring these southern states to a majority or plurality of blacks: Louisana, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Arkansas. Right now our populations are simply too scattered in the western, eastern, and midwestern regions to apply true political pressure but if as a mass move south. We then as a political group gain significant political and economic power. Let's make that move away from these states that promised our people everything but delivered our people nothing. Move south black millennials move south. The opportunity for substantiating changes is within our reach. All need to do is look at what happened in Georgia in 2020 and what Stacy Abrams and her PAC accomplished. If another 1/2 million folks moved into Georgia in the next decade we own that state and then replicate the Georgia model throughout the southern states and we now have the political power we have sought for far too long. It is too difficult a task to stay in our current positions politically and truly believe we will reach any power without a concerted effort by us for us. We cannot depend on building coalitions with other groups especially when those groups carry some of the same racist baggage that whites have against Black Americans.

#reparationsdue #thedevilyouknow