Aug. 21, 2021

How Did We Allow This Mess To Happen

Yes, Trump was indeed a terrible human being, a god-awful antagonist, Trump's public displays embarrassed the United States moniker ascribed to the nation's President, "leader of the free world". However, what is currently going on in withdrawal in Afghanistan must certainly rank as one of the greatest international failures this nation has experienced. Hell if Trump was heading this fiasco that is currently developing in this god-forsaken country. I couldn't imagine the backfire he would be receiving from the Democratic political leadership. How can any American support the actions related to the withdrawal of the American presence in Afghanistan that the Biden Administration implemented? If you are in support of this policy with supposedly clear thoughts you must be deaf, dumb, and blind, and I mean no offense to people who suffer from these ailments personally.
This President has purportedly open-faced lied to the American public on numerous occasions since the withdrawal began. Biden's Secretary of Defense has no defense for Biden's position related to the public welfare and safety of the literally tens of thousands of Americans who are now stuck behind the enemy's lines in Afghanistan by Taliban extremists. Each American stuck in Afghanistan is now possibly not only a potential victim of a violent attack but also a possible hostage to gain some political advantage by the Taliban forces.
In 1979, 52 Americans were held hostage by the Iranian Government, after the Iranians took control of the American Embassy in Tehran. That action eventually toppled the Presidency of Jimmy Carter which lead to the Reagan Presidency and look how those 8 years devastated the black communities across this nation. Now, in 2021 it isn't 52 but possibly 15-25,000 American targets left in Afghanistan for prime picking. How in the hell did Biden allow this madness to manifest itself and creep into the darkness of utter confusion and possible terror. I sure as hell wouldn't want to be stuck on August 21, 2021, behind enemy lines under the leadership of President Biden, whose failed leadership decisions created this monstrously dangerous situation.
How many months until the 2024 General Election? How many months before the 2022 Midterm Elections? This has the makings of a situation that cause a serious chasm in the political environment not only in this nation but the Afghanistan Collapse could reverberate negatively all across the globe. Because not only are Americans stuck behind now enemy lines but also citizens from across the globe are caught in the violent crossfire. In order to save face internationally, American troops will need to be put into harm's way again to police the exodus of all those who are currently entrapped in Afghanistan. They however now will be facing Taliban forces who are in procession of military armaments that Afghan troops handed over without resistance last week. We need Presidential leadership now, now a President and his political party running for cover and blaming 45 for this current situation. If you go into a china shop and see the china toppling over you had better make sure you move that china into a safe position. No matter who came into the shop before you. Biden didn't do that so he's responsible for the breakage, not Trump.