Jul. 12, 2021

This Was A Lie To Black Americans

This is how many Black Americans perceived, visualized and conceptualized the Preamble of the United States Constitution for almost two centuries. The document was created when our ancestors were either held in bondage or living lives that made this sacred document a lie to peoples of the colored or black race.


“We the White People of the United States, in Order to form a more imperfect Union that will bind White People and eternally enslave Black People, establish justice for White people while denying any measure of justice for Black People, insure domestic Tranquility by securing the bodies, minds and souls of Black People for the absolute pleasure of White People, provide for the common defense of White People by allowing White People arms to terrorize and mutilate Black People, promote the general welfare Welfare of White People by forcing Black People to work for the benefit of White People from sun up to lights out for free, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to White People while denying Liberty whether enslaved or supposedly free to and Black Person, and ensuring White People Posterity by stealing Black Peoples Posterity by forcing them to work for free labor or as close to free  labor as possible whether held in bondage or not, do ordain and establish this White Constitution for The United White States of America.”


This is why the only way to repair the damage and repay the debt owed if for this nation to make right what was so abhorrently wrong for almost two centuries since the United States Constitution was written. If the government of this nation can understand what the international league of nations (United Nations) has deemed necessary. Reparations is the only solution. Reparations plus a complete and utter apology for the injustices our black communities have experienced for nearly two centuries. The Preamble was not meant for thee, or me or people like me. This document to me was a lie.