Jul. 7, 2021

Using Juneteenth Strategically In 2022

"We simply don't need to go the Nation's Capital to hear a day of pontificating black speakers and we surely don't to hear any conciliatory speeches asking for changes we deserve.. What we need is for Multi-Millions of Black American to go to Washington DC and demand what is rightfully ours, reparations, not later, but right now and no acceptance of the usual Congressional response of waiting for the right time because that time is right now. If a couple thousand white folks on January 6, 2021 can hype federal and state government officials to endorse taking away black voting rights without even making that specific demand. Just think about the vision globally of millions of black folks circling the Capitol and demanding real change economically and judicially. The key is not having damn speeches from podiums but a mass demonstration to affect the changes necessary to break this cycle of oppression, repression, and suppression of black communities across this nation. No, I have a dream moments, no justice or else moments but just demanding what is rightfully ours. Maybe we should schedule it for June 19, 2022 because our black communities didn’t ask for day off. Our black communities demanded for a debt owed. With the 2022 midterms coming let’s shake this shit up politically. This action would coincide with the 200th anniversary of Denmark Vesey’s plot to end enslavement in Charleston, South Carolina and possibly the entire nation that held our ancestors in bondage."


08.07.2021 02:09

Rosa paul

Poc have fallen behind in marching since the racist republicans are allowed to accept as much money as the greedy managed to stockpile in their relentless efforts to destroy equal rights of poc