Jul. 1, 2021

Dammit America Listen We're Not Sucking On The Marrow Of Injustice Any Longer

"Black folks in 2020 were out in the streets of this nation literally busting their asses for America's politicians to listen and act for the betterment and equality of every black community across this nation. These folks were willing to face up to the brutality of armed police to be heard after the murder of George Floyd. Well, America heard them, both white and black politicians alike gave those black protesters what they felt was needed a day off, not a debt to be paid for all the police atrocities, historical inequalities, economic inequities, educational oppression and downright neglect they have endured. Yes, we, your leaders both black and white, know what you were demanding even if it wasn't that demand wasn't promoted. You thought you wanted some form of reparations. Hell, the United Nations and the Brookings Institute felt black folks should receive it. But our leaders, knew better they gave rebelling black folks a day off rather than the debt owed. I guess we should be happy as plum negroes in the berry patch as Kamala Harris feels and says we should. Well, dammit the fact of the matter is we are tired of sucking on the marrow of the bones you feed us. We're ready to feast on the prime rib of economic, educational and judicial equality."