Jul. 1, 2021

American Justice for Black America is really a Farce:

Too fully understand why the American Negro wasn't ever gonna get his/her just reward for the torture of slavery. One must simply understand the extreme elements of racism that existed after the Civil War & Reconstruction. No way would reparations be seriously considered once those southerners hell bent on our continued bondage came back into power. After the brief period of reconstruction which actually died with John Wilkes Booth's bullet because Andrew Johnson was no friend of the American Negro. We had to endure another 150+ years of the yolk of racial hatred. Which has continued too place us in situations for which we have no absolute power to recover from. So don't give no message of the grand and glorious southern missive. It was simply borne of hatred and terror of the white man against people of a different hue.
It continued in period of the 1900's in the framework of legally developed bondage with Black Codes and Jim Crow. The hatred is so ingrained in our populace that well meaning whites are afraid seemingly to cross the lines of equality. Do you you really believe that textbook authors don't know the real reason of the Civil War. Of course not these are some of the finest historical minds in the nation. However, they are swayed by corporate interest not to threatened the "bottomline". For in truth you will get either a rejection by a state textbook committee or a white managed school district. So we continue on with THE BIG LIE and the nation never really addresses the ills that that BIG LIE has perpetuated.
Yes, we have a President who speaks eloquently about some of the ills of racism after a savage act of racism. Yet, the jails are still filled with our people. The police still savagely attack people of color and many of our youth live only for today because dreaming for tomorrow is a skill they never acquired.
If only for a day it would truly be amazing that America set aside it's racial differences for racial harmony. I would be most honored to be called an American. That would mean that every southern token of THE BIG LIE be taken down and placed away from public viewing. However, we know that's not happening for the Power of Hate is so much stronger than the Power of Reconciliation in America.

july 1, 2015