Jun. 28, 2021

When So-called Friends Need Cash … Dash

“In 1989, a few months before Ralph Abernathy's death, Mr. Abernathy wrote and his publisher released his book detailing his experience working in the shadows of his best friend in the world, Martin Luther King Jr. The book The Walls Came Tumbling Down revealed many things about Mr. Abernathy's relationship with Dr. King. The most damaging was that Martin Luther King Jr.'s sexual appetite was so out of control that he had sex with two women the night before his assassination in Memphis. The reason Ralph Abernathy put this in the book was so obvious, Mr. Abernathy had to put in some bloody chum to feed the sharks and to increase the sales of the book. That was the only reason I can reason to put this in the book. If it was true, it should've went to his deathbed with Mr. Abernathy, not on some published page. This is just a bit of knowledge that you may not know about the itch to sell books over the desire to protect either your image or the image of those nearest you. In this case it tarnished Mr. Abernathy not Dr. King because Dr. King already dead 20 years couldn’t defend the allegations made by his supposed best friend.”