Jun. 16, 2021

Juneteenth Isn't The End Of The Call For Reparations

"The US Senate passed the bill which will make June 19th a Federal Holiday. The US Senate, House of Representatives, and The President best understand that this move doesn't and won't satisfy our demand for reparations. Why? Here's why! Because with 5 years Juneteeth will become an economic engine to build white revenue and wealth not the opposite. Let's be strong here and understand we are worth so much more than this. Read what Randall Robinson wrote about our suffering and the debt owed us.

"Through keloids of suffering, through coarse veils of damaged self-belief, lost direction, misplaced compass, shit-faced resignation, racial transmutation, black people worked long, hard, killing days, years, centuries—and they were never paid. The value of their labor went into others’ pockets—plantation owners, northern entrepreneurs, state treasuries, the United States government. Where was the money? Where is the money? There is a debt here."

Randall Robinson
The Debt/Reparations "

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