Jun. 13, 2021

June 13, 1967 In Black American History

Sunday, June 13, 1967
54th Anniversary of Thurgood Marshall’s Nomination
Supreme Court Associate Justice
The Constitution of the United States Was Justice Marshall’s Wakanda
Our Legal T’Challa - Thurgood Marshall

Today 54 years ago President Lyndon Baines Johnson nominated Thurgood Marshall to be the first black Associate Justice for the US Supreme Court. The Supreme Court occupied a special place in our historic fight for civil rights. First, it was the place where justice died for Black Americans. Then for a short period of time a more liberal leaning court became a beacon for Black Americans to seek shelter from the vile hatred of a majority of the nation's white people who sought to oppress people of color. Thurgood Marshall was the symbolic justice for that movement towards black equality. Well, those days have turned and the current Supreme Court seems to reverting back to the days when Black Americans had no friend among the 9 justices. Even when one of those justices is black.