Jun. 10, 2021

Look For Me In A Whirlwind Or A Storm

This speech given in 1925 just before Marcus Garvey was to be imprisoned in the Atlanta Federal Prison. It was Marcus Garvey's call to arms to the hundreds of thousands of members of the Universal Negro Improvement Association to not despair but look forward to the day that we as a race of people would overcome the barriers and obstacles that are placed before us. Marcus Garvey indicated strongly with purpose that his fight for human rights that is due to all African peoples across the world, would continue for him whether he's is a physical or spiritual state. He asked his followers to look for him in a whirlwind or a storm. The storms have collectively been circling our African American communities for some time now. We need to be looking for the spiritual state of Marcus Garvey to elevate our cause for equity in all phases of this American society. We demand justice and fair treatment, now. We also demand the reparations that are due us.