Jun. 5, 2021

Better Be Cognizant

"There is a strategic plan created by conservative politicians from both sides of the aisle to minimize the racist foundation of this nation. It's based solely on the premise now of denial of past deeds that oppressed races of color, especially Black Americans. This deliberate process encompasses deny, deny, deny, and formulate educational policies that also deny, deny, deny. Two-days ago the former vice president Pence dared to say that the United States isn't infested with systemic racism. Now, this comes from Georgia, doing Gov. Brian Kemp's Bidding, Georgia Board Passes White Fragility Resolution Denouncing Critical Race Theory, Declaring Slavery a 'Deviation' From Founding Principles. What in the hell, the founding principles of this nation were structured on the principles of slavery and the lifeblood of the founding principles of this nation depended on the continuation of the institution of slavery. There was no deviated thought from those founders. No slavery, no nation period. Our black communities had better be conscious because white folks would like to erase from the history books the oppression our ancestor's faced and even deny the oppression we face today."