May. 31, 2021

Reconditioning My Brain From This Societal White Washing

"Just like Carter Goodwin Woodson preached for the advocacy of a Fugitive Pedagogy and I also now comprehend and understand how this institutional education I received from 1960-1977 created in me a failed understanding of my blackness. The damage done even though most of those years 1960-1966 and 1973-1977, I was enrolled in all black schools. The reality is that the cirriculum those black schools used was definitely Euro-American and truly dangerous to my mental development. It has taken damn near 12 years to recondition my brain the proper channel of blackness. You see I wasn't mentally there from the age of 23-55. My brain had to be flushed and I had to completely re-channel my thoughts. I understand now what I should've understood decade ago. You cannot trust this American Education System to whip your mind in shape. Only you can whip your mind in shape by providing the necessary intellectual nourishment it needs. We must channel our energies to ensure that no other generation of black learners are sucked into this mentality. For its dangerous to the collective uplift of our black communities in the future."