May. 31, 2021

The Plan Was Strategic Destruction

In the Greenwood community on May 30, 1921, the day before the white mobs destroyed the community it was estimated that the black dollar circulated 19 times before it left that blossoming community. By June 1, 1921, the entire 1 square mile town of Greenwood was erased from the map. It was burned to the ground because of bigotry and blatant racism of thousands of whites who viciously mobbed and looted that historic community.

Now, 100 years later on May 31, 2021, that same black dollar circulates an average of 6 hours, 360 minutes, or 21, 600 seconds in our black communities. How can our black communities build any wealth without a functioning economy within our communities?

Can I ask this one question to my black social media community today? Is that lack of black economic power considered progress or a case of abject failure?