May. 30, 2021

We Cannot Win A Battle Against Ourselves Put Down The Gun Son!

This weekend in Baltimore isn't any different than the weekends Malcolm X described in Harlem in 1957. Malcolm spoke of the harm we intend on each other while our true enemy lies in wake gleefully celebrating our own acts of violence that kill our brothers. The only difference is the killers are using knives, razors or the infamous Saturday Night Specials in 1957 to inflict the harm. Now it's semiautomatics and even more deadly clips that do the harm. Today's headlines in the Baltimore SunPapers tell the tale of a depressed, distressed and absolutely out of control black community that has declared war on itself. Five men killed, several injured in Baltimore City shootings over Memorial Day 2021 weekend so far, police say. This so sad and apparently the only people that care are the friends and families of the victims and even some of those don't show the emotions that are powerful enough to alleviate pain and stop this mindless killing.