May. 29, 2021

Provoked Thoughts: Memorial Day For Black Americans

"Tomorrow, Memorial Day, when you celebrate those military members who served their country with the ultimate sacrifice. I ask that you remember our black ancestors who choose to serve the United States and protect it from enemies on foreign shores. Only to come home from those battles safe as they fought for the defense of democracy. Only to have their families terrorized, and to be murdered by domestic enemies. Some of our ancestors who served valiantly on foreign shores were murdered on this nation's supposed sacred grounds while still wearing the uniforms of the branches of the military in which our ancestors served. The white murderous mobs who hide behind the symbols of patriotism and carried out their hate-filled agenda had the absolute support of this nation's federal, state, and local governments. Many were never prosecuted, many of guilty who were prosecuted walked away because the juries who were supposed to defend the principles of our Constitution ignored those principles because the victims of these brutal crimes were black and thus deserved no justice. In every military engagement this country faced our black ancestors answered the call to defend this nation against their enemies. Only to come back from these battles to face the ultimate enemy of of people white power oppression against the people of color. So, please understand that many of our ancestors lives were taken after these international, and national battles by the very souls for our ancestors were tasked to defend. Think about that as you celebrate Memorial Day. The Pittsburgh Courier initiated the Double V Campaign during World War ll, victory over there against the Axis Powers and victory over here against racism and oppression. It seems that our ancestors have been battling that Double V Campaign for as long as this nation has held us as captive souls."