May. 28, 2021

Longtime Baltimore police detective posts graphic photo of homicide victim on Twitter; department op

"A Baltimore City Murder Detective, Sgt. Robert F. Cherry, posted the graphic photograph on Twitter early Friday morning of victim of the horrendous murders that have been in the clutches of Baltimore City for as far as I can remember. The image showed a man’s body lying on a sidewalk in a pool with a large gash in the front of his forehead. As course in this currently culture this act caused a public outcry. Why? Especially since Mr. Cherry added: “This is but one of many incidents of violence in Baltimore city that our police officers deal with . . . and this young Black man was NOT shot by police.” Cherry wrote in his tweet. “Let’s STOP the violence and Save Lives. Because, who wants to see the end result of the criminal calamity that is currently Baltimore City right now. My feeling is simply maybe if we see the end results of the murder in all it's gruesomeness, maybe we will understand the absurdity of this acts of individual terror. Maybe, seeing the body covered in blood with the open bullet wounds will open the eyes of those who have the guns to lay those guns down. Or, just maybe seeing these sights will cause those who know who uses those guns of individual human destruction to make a call to end all this senseless killing. Maybe showing these graphic pictures will make it more real and a understanding that senseless killing of our brothers and sisters of color by other brothers and sisters of color incredulous. Maybe we will aspire to a time when these acts will disappear. I just want our communities to understand murder is murder and murder of our young black youth is unacceptable whomever is responsible. I don't want cops brutalizing or terrorizing our communities. I also don't want our young black community members to inflict brutality or terror either. Let's stop killing each other now."

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