May. 27, 2021

Provoked Thought: Greenwood

"As America and Americans look back a century to the brutal attack of white mobbing of the Greenwood community of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The question is being asked what is owed to the descendants and those elders of this terrorized attack. Well, America you need to understand that attack on Greenwood wasn’t just an attack on Greenwood. It was an attack on every living breathing black person in America in 1921. It was meant to send a message to our ancestors nationwide to stay in there place and not become uppity negroes. That any moves that were considered to be moves to better themselves or to think that they were better then white Americans would be countered by white mobs with similar acts of terrorism. So what is owed to the descendants of Greenwood is also owed to the descendants of every black American who was living during this period of white oppressive domination. It is called reparations plain and simple. We cannot allow those in power to minimize the harm that was done to just the Greenwood descendants because the strategy was national in scope and truly deadly in intent."



28.05.2021 06:45

General Parker

Exactly! But know that there are still survivors from the massacre also. The oldest being 107.

28.05.2021 06:43

General Parker