May. 21, 2021

Provoked Thoughts Graduation Time Building Debt and Killing Dreams

"The American system has suckered the black community by continuing to raise the bar for reaching supposed competency levels to meet qualified exceptions to match job requirements. We have so many unqualified black graduates entering a racist system that ill-prepared to compete in this still race-based system that they are now demanded to gain multiple degrees which gain them no wide banded expanded salary boost. The only thing this educational boosting experience conspiracy is doing is placing more and more of our young black people in deeper debt without a clear-cut way to manage the debt or escape the debt. We’ve been sold a bill of goods that are in the final analysis against our own best interests. Why do blacks need a Masters's degree to sit behind the same desk a white high school graduate sat behind 2 decades ago before retiring with a lump sum gift which now is unavailable, and a cash payout on a home sale which is now unattainable? It a damn conspiracy to maintain lifetime control of our human resources by forcing our young blacks to buy into a system created for minimal success."