May. 17, 2021

Provoked Thoughts

"If the dynamic legal team of the NAACP who battled for the May 17, 1954, Brown vs. Board of Education, Topeka, Kansas which included Thurgood Marshall, Jack Greenburg, Constance Baker Motley, Robert Carter, Oliver Hill, James Nabrit, Spottswood Robinson, and Charlie Houston were given a reprieve from their final resting spots today. What do you think their impressions would be regarding the nation's progress related to Brown, 67 years later? I truly believe in the context of success and failure related to Black American uplifts. America has not only failed to adhere to the principles of Brown but America has also failed the majority of Black Americans in almost every sectors of society. Dr. Derrick Bell, did an alternate scenario in which the NAACP legal team sought the enactment of fulfilling the "equal" version of the Plessy vs. Ferguson judicial decision in 1896 of separate but equal rather than finding it unconstitutional. In many ways this could've played out better for our communities. May be even it would have put our communities on a path of reparations rather then we we stand now as almost outcasts in a nation within a nation still."



18.05.2021 17:58

William Jackson

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18.05.2021 17:57

William Jackson

There is an article on facebook of how a Beautiful Black woman in Indiana house double in value after she took down all of her pictures and put up white pictures.