Apr. 30, 2021

Bessie Coleman "Brave Bessie" April 30, 1926 "Bessie Dared To Fly Where Eagles Glided"

On this day 95 years ago a remarkably brave black woman perished, Bessie Coleman. Bessie Coleman was born dirt born in a small town outside of Dallas, Texas. Bessie Coleman was seemingly born without the resources necessary to make an impact on society. Yet, Bessie Coleman was a visionary. She had a dream that was far larger than any barriers she may have encountered being born black and female. Bessie Coleman had an itch to conquer the skies. Early flights at the beginning of aviation history were dangerous adventures. Yet, Bessie Coleman was a black woman who conquered fears to achieve amazing feats of courage.

Bessie Coleman was the very first licensed black female pilot in our country. She couldn't secure her pilot's license in this country because of two impediments, her race, and her sex. That, however, didn't stop Bessie Coleman who simply when across the Atlantic Ocean and secured her pilot's license in France. It was Bessie Coleman's dream to conquer the skies and also teach other blacks in our communities at the time to conquer the skies as well. Bessie wanted to create an aviation school for blacks that would rival any white aviation school at that time. Remember this fact these were the days when Jim Crowish and white racial hatred was at it's highest peak. So any dream as large as the dream that Bessie Coleman has had enormous roadblocks. Yet, Bessie Coleman persevered and continued to work towards that dream until the day she died doing what she loved doing the flying of her airplane.

Today I would love to have each of my followers spend a few moments listening to The Black Blogger read about the incomparable Bessie Coleman. It is essential to understand this one basic fact the motivated Bessie Colemen's life? Bessie Coleman refused to let her dream die and because of that fact she will be remembered for time Infinitum as a The Black Queen of Skies, Brave Bessie.‚Äč