Apr. 26, 2021

Is Every American Historical Symbol Stained With Slavery Blood And Human Loss?

Today, I will share some history that was just uncovered about the famous Old North Church. It seems that a few of the church's benefactors were heavily involved in human trafficking. It seems that the famous Old North Church steeple that was so prominent in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem, The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere was built with the soiled, stained human blood of African slaves.

I will first read the Longfellow poem and then I will read the article that appeared in the Boston Globe on 10/26/2019. The history that we were taught about the famous historical institutions and symbolic buildings of America's past are seemingly never the true history. It is time for this nation to finally come to grips with its stained history and reconcile its past with actions to restore the nation's future.

Too long has history ignored the true story and with the gory revelations about slavery being uncovered almost daily. The discussions pertaining to some sort of economic reparations must begin and not continue to be ignored. Can you really look at the steeple light that resonated freedom from the British Empire's oppressive reign as the enlightenment of democracy? When the steeple's benefactors were infected with the virus of black human trafficking. That funds bloodied by black human bodies built this famous steeple that Mr. Revere looked on that April night in 1775.‚Äč