Apr. 25, 2021

Rethinking The Four Year Colleges On UNCF DAY In Black America

The economic cost of 4 year college continues to escalate upwards beyond the value in many cases of that education. Our students are bing saddled with enormous bills due to pay for a college experience that in many cases cannot deliver the economic package it once delivered. On this, UNCF DAY in Black America may be the time has come to redefine what should be offered as courses on our black universities and colleges across this nation. We have mirrored our college courses after the Anglo-Euro model of education for far too long. One way to immediately cut the cost of a 4 year school is by making the first two years optional for all incoming Freshman. This may mean giving a test that will allow eligible students to opt out of the first 2 years of university required courses. The only mandated courses I would have at all HBCU's would be REPARATIONS 1&2 Course which would embody a study and discussion of the feasibility of Black Reparations for black students of African Descent. If we are to gain reparations we need first to understand why these reparations are due and how they are to be distributed. Otherwise, college study would be centered solely around 24 months of extensive study around one's chosen major. I would also extend the secondary school experience for at least one additional year called the Academy Year which focuses gaining a foundational structure to build college success. Since, President Biden is calling for 2 years of Community College free the Academy Year plus the 2 Free Community College Years will provide more than enough structure to ensure college success for all students interested in pursuing college. Also, is a student chooses he/she can bypass college completely to enroll in job preparatory institutions based on the BOOKER T WASHINGTON MODEL of job training and service excellence. All of our HBCU's would essentially become 2-3 models that focus on building community professional capable of competing in an ever-changing world of technological advances. We need to change how we view and proceed to advance our communities without depleting our students financial resources even before they realistically start to add value to our communities. I know that this isn't a complete plan but on Dr. Patterson's day that evolved into the United Negro College Fund. Our communities cannot continue to follow a pattern not developed by us for us to rebuild our neglected communities in the future. This is just a few thoughts please add others so we move how we add our students in this century and beyond.


25.04.2021 23:02

Anton Harding

Ufot Kong on learning. Check him!