Apr. 17, 2021

60 Years Ago and One Day " Rev. Dr. Howard Thurman" A Revolutionary Christian

On April 16, 1961, Dr. Reverend Howard Thurman spoke at Boston University's Marsh Chapel on​ the topic "Community and Self" a powerful message of building one's self to produce accomplished results in one's community. I use the term dig deep, then dig deeper, to produce the you that can produce the change you want to see. If you have never read the words of Dr. Howard Thurman then you truly need to start a journey of understanding. The people that Howard Thurman influenced range from Dr. Martin Luther, James Farmer, Barbara Jordan, Jessie Jackson and so many other defenders of human rights in our country and around the world. So on this Saturday listen as I put my voice to Reverend Dr. Howard Thurman's words on The Blackman's Blog.

Born 11/18/1899
Passed To Glory 4/10/1981
One Of The Greatest Ministers In American History