Apr. 10, 2021

Revised History of America

The History of America

The white Europeans snatched us from our African homeland put us in chains and sent us to a faraway land. Then those same white Europeans basically forced us to build this newfoundland while we are in those chains and they are raining down pain on us and economic gain for them. Then those white Europeans not satisfied paying the King’s bounty took control of this stolen newfoundland kept us blacks in chains and stole any hope of black rights gains. Freedom secured and slavery endured, guaranteed booty restored, a constitution established with fractions not any humane distractions. Finally a civil strife that cut this nation in two like a sharpened knife. They introduced 3 amendments to secure some equal rights but the paper that they were written on blighted at night when night riders provided terror at first dawn’s light. The Crow’s Jim and Jane crashed our dreams and stole each and every supposed thrice rights. Even had some black folks saying don't put up a damn fight.Wilmington,Rosewood, Elaine, East St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, Greenwood, and even Washington DC saw rights torched as our black bodies were shorched. Birth of a Nation renewed the Rebirth of the Klan, all we could say then was goddamn that fucking white man. Hitler, Mussolini, Hirohito made a mad trio but white southerners were surely not any black American heroes. We fought for the survival of democracy over there but over here, walking while black caused inner fear. The GI Bill lifted white soldiers up the ladder of success while black American soldiers were saddled with economic distress. So please don't complain, Mr. Blackman, because this nation cannot handle any civic unrest. Emmitt floating in the Tallahatchie, Rosa saying no more, and Martin telling all of black Montgomery it's time to settle the score. Birmingham was bombing, Malcolm was saying it's no longer time for any tom’ming. Sitting at a lunch counter was a right of black passage but Ella cried out it's more than any damn burger. Stokely shouted out black power and white folks came down from those ivory towers. LBJ sic’ed the FBI on King damn if they didn't synchronized his phones. Looking for any way to change the America equality tone. Huey called for armed resistance, off to jail went Huey, and more power for those whites named Dewey. Nixon’s boys had a deadly black plan, let’s flood the cities with drugs and pull out the blackman’s legal rug, fill the jails up and label all of them black thugs. Reagan took the same plan to buy his weapons for international destruction and Clinton with his sax in hand joined the Nixon and Reagan band. We’re not winning,  large numbers of us spend our Sunday's in church so we are certainly not sinning. So why is it always the white man who ends up grinning? Now this microscopic killer has a plan to fill the black bodies in untold graves.All we need to do they avoid this damn mess and all this untold stress is to stay in your homes. You know just don't roam. But it's hot inside and the electric company says no more free rides. So where in the hell is a black person supposed to hide? It seems that they have been after us for quite some time, 400 years plus it my damn mind. So don't let this virus limit your lifespan’s time because if you do that will truly be crime, dying without getting one damn dime.