Apr. 9, 2021

America Murdered Our King And Black America Buried Him- Dr. Benjamin Mays - April 9, 1968

In His Words, My Voice
The Day They Buried A King

On Palm Sunday 50 years ago they buried Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Over 300,000 people paid homage to Dr. King in Atlanta, Georgia that day. On that​ day his mentor Dr. Benjamin Mays gave the final eulogy on the campus of his alma mater Morehouse University. I feel that the words eloquently spoke by Dr. Mays still ring true today. If one man could capsulize​ the power of the life of Martin Luther King it was Benjamin Mays. Dr. Mays and Dr. King had an agreement that when either breathed their last breath. The survivor would eulogize the other. Of course, Dr. Mays had anticipated that his younger protege Dr. King would be responsible for his eulogy. However, the assassin's bullet in Memphis changed that scenario. So I am honored this afternoon to present in his words, my voice Dr. Benjamin Mays, April 9, 1968, in Atlanta, Georgia, on the campus of Morehouse College.

"No! He was not ahead of his time. No man is ahead of his time. Every man is within his star, each in his time."

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