Apr. 7, 2021

Join The Fight For Reparations, Why Don't Ya

"Why don't all these supposedly justice oriented corporations that are decrying injustice in Georgia's voting bill show the same degree of energy in decrying the lack of legislative support for a congressional measure that will provide a real step towards racial reconciliation and economic equity, reparations. Because, whether a black voter has water or food in a line to cast a ballot in Georgia, the lack of social and legal equity, or the massive gap in economic equality will still exist and will be still be quite pervasive after that ballot is cast. As Dr. King stated so strongly before his assassination, we been fighting for voting rights but truly our fight should've been forged in a victory for economic equality. Because what good is a vote is after the vote my economic situation hasn't changed, hasn't reversed, and the gap between those who have had forever widens against those who have had never."