Apr. 6, 2021

Just A Thought

"The African American community lost powerful voice in the United States House of Representatives last night, Alcee Hastings, Democrat from Florida. Representative Hastings was 84 years-old. This death comes after the deaths of Representatives John Lewis, Democrat from Georgia and Elijah Cummings Democrat from Maryland. Three significant political voices of black moderation not voices of black rebellion. My concern with this passings is that each of these congress members were up in age, Hastings 84, Lewis 80, and Cummings 68, which means that they held their seats way too long. I would hope that other older aged black congress members would make the decision to move aside for a younger voices that will actively confront the issues that require new visions for solutions in our black communities. We need not continue to see our black elected officials die of old age with stale ideas that haven't born fruit in their many decades on the job. The position of congress person shouldn't be a lifetime appointment in many of this safe districts. "