Apr. 6, 2021

Little Bobby Hutton, Never Forget April 6, 1968

Bobby Hutton, Never Forget

Bobby Hutton was America’s lost martyr
Although those cops who pulled the trigger
Simply saw another dead nigger
Bobby was considered the first
First one in the Panther Party
First one in the car loaded up to face oppression
First one on the steps in Sac Town
Coming straight from Oak Town
This black brother had the skills to control downtown
Bobby showed up armed to the T
Showed White Americans no stepin fetchit glee
Bobby wasn’t no King, nor was he an X
But damn if Bobby Hutton didn’t understand how white folks stacked the deck
Followed Huey P and the other Bobby
Damn Little Bobby was hardcore
Straight up gangster but damn if this brother was even more
That’s why two days after King was killed
The plot to take out Bobby Hutton was the white cops biggest score
So April 6 is when they got him
Stuck him down in cold blood
That’s why we should never forget Little Bobby Hutton
Because just because the white cops pulled the trigger
Bobby Hutton was so much more than a another dead nigger.


21.04.2021 22:15

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22.04.2021 00:20

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