Apr. 2, 2021

Provoked Thought

"Good Friday Provoked Thought:
King's Final Dream Was Deadly Because It Was Just

It seems that many of America's institutions are willingly supporting everything that exhibits support for Black Americans facing oppressive laws and injustice. Yet these same American institutions are unwilling to show meaningful support to the primary solution that will close the gap and bring true reconciliation to black communities and this nation, reparations.
Giving out or not giving out water and food to black voters standing in line to cast a ballot isn't reparations. We simply cannot lose focus on the main objective, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. didn't give his life for black voters to get water and food to stand in line. Dr. King wanted all black Americans to have a level of economic equality that had been denied us in this nation since the founding of the Constitution in 1789. Reparations Now, Not Reparations Later.