Mar. 30, 2021

The Last Week Continued 1968-2021 MLK Jr.

Salute To Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Remaining Awake Through A Great Revolution
March 31, 1968
National Cathedral,​ Washington DC

The last Sunday of Dr. King's life was spent in our Nation's Capitol as he was building support for the Poor Peoples Campaign.​ This campaign that was going to demand America address the needs of poverty and poverty-stricken​ Americans of all nationalities and races in our country. Dr. King never lived to see the fruition of the dream. He was murdered that week in Memphis, Tennessee the day after he gave his final mountaintop​ speech. He had moved so far from that August ​28, 1963, speech of a hopeful dream. On this day 53 years ago when Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society was going up in smoke in Vietnam, on campuses across the nation with mass demonstrations, and with burning embers of oppressed urban black centers. King spoke truth to power at the National Cathedral in Washington DC. Later that evening Johnson would announce his intention to neither accept or run for re-election in the coming Fall Presidential election. We mustn't allow those in power to homogenized Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. because he was so much more than that statue on The Mall. Dr. King demanded and fought for justice, love and peace. He demanded equality of opportunity educationally, economically and socially. All these elements encased his greatness.