Mar. 19, 2021

Why Not Reparations: Elaine, Arkansas (1919) vs. Atlanta, Georgia (2021)

This week 8 people, 7 of whom were Asian Americans were killed in Atlanta, Georgia by a single white male shooter at two sex spas that were masked as massage parlors. The killer had visited these two spas that he had targeted as a customer. Though this is a sad state of affairs in regards to the senseless loss of life. All over the nation these attacks are being characterized as hate crimes. Well did you know that on October 3, 1919 more than 200 Americans of African Descent were murdered by white mobs in Elaine, Arkansas. The same nation, America, not only ignored this hateful terror-driven attack across the country. Probably many White Americans thought at the time why only 200 of our ancestors were killed in Elaine, Arkansas. Why not more? Just another example of the injustice our ancestors faced after we in Black America was supposedly free and clear from white oppression and white terror.