Mar. 16, 2021


"A Gay Captain America in a Marvel Comics Series to celebrate National Pride Month. The Grammy Awards presented a sin-scented performance by Cardi B and Megan The Stallion that showed two black women exhibiting in Prime Time what should’ve been censored with a caution for younger viewers. The former Black First Lady interviewing a 13 year-old sexually confused black boy with an approving eye for his sexual choices rather than having a serious discussion with his parents to confront his sexual confusions. I’m as open minded as the next person but what is happening in America borders and crosses the line of building values and pushes that line to the abolition of morality.
Why is this nation’s so-called black leaders more willing to confront sexuality but still racing to ignore the oppressive white supremacy policies that have confronted black communities for as long as this nation existed. I don’t believe Gay Captain America will be black but he surely won’t be fighting on the comic pages to battle the economic deprivation of Black Americans. I simply don’t understand why Americans will race towards gay issues but drive a death nail into providing solutions to the ever present race issue. Sex over race in America, why? Please don’t say I don’t see what I see because it is clearly way too obvious of a reality to ignore."

Joseph Hall