Mar. 12, 2021

Piano and Billiards Balls A Deadly Duo

Ebony and ivory blends together in such sweet harmony

Except when doesn’t and it bleeds in bloody unjust misery

Who would’ve thought two innocent forms of diversion

Would cause such historic perversion

Piano keys and billiard balls 

Two million or more black souls sacrificed

Thousands of herds of elephants put on the malicious killing the white machine’s killing vice

Northern American industrialists killing for money not even thinking twice

The southern American plantation owners black oppressive shame

While the northern abolitionist refine the killing game

One dollar, two dollars, three dollars, four dollars….sold

White ivory in this case is the white man’s gold

Connecticut is supposed to be the land of the free

Yet for the sake of piano keys and billiard balls there is no black man’s glee

Murderers sitting in American parlors listening to the pianos sipping tea

We didn’t kill them on our American shores they allowed others to lead the killing hordes

All those rich ivory merchants needed to do was to satisfy the piano and billiard Us of A corporate boards 

Even when American slavery supposedly had ended 

The killing of bull elephants and black men in Africa was extended 

The crack of cue ball against the rack of white humanity’s secret sin

The sounds of the piano keys the wasting of human and elephant skins

Why chase ivory and kill ebony at night

Damn Connecticut you painted such an awful sight

For billiard balls and piano keys now that just isn’t right