Mar. 9, 2021

White Gold & The Sign

White Gold
That Domino Sugar Sign in Baltimore’s Harbor So Bold
Yet that shining harbor sign hides a deadly story not told
Two brothers William and Frederick sought personal riches in white gold
White Gold’s deadly journey began in cane fields on islands faraway
Sugar Cane plants rising high to the heavens
The hot heat and warm rains nurtured the cane to it’s green beauty
Oh how lovely are the fields before the cutting it’s glorious
Just like the beauty of fields of cotton before the picking
The leather straps and whips are ever present
You only have two days to clear the fields and present the crops for sale
The stolen dark bodies men, women, and children aren’t dark gold
But without them William and Frederick would not have white gold
Early to field, early to death, chop too slow and you’re put to rest
Black souls are easily replaceable Will and Fred need only stock a ship
Head that ship to an African coast and steal some more black souls
You see black souls equate to more and more white gold
You take two scoops or three William to sweeten your black coffee
As you look down the row of sugar cane plants of those black souls dying for white gold
You want two shots of rum Fred to ease the pain of seeing those dying stolen black souls making you that white gold
White Gold
That Domino Sugar Sign gleaming so bright each Baltimore Night
You need to know the story of the black souls killed in search of white gold
You need no longer hide the deadly story of white gold
White Gold