Mar. 6, 2021

Reparations Now

Those cotton fields were bushy white
But the bolls and plants were bloody red
The bushels of cotton were packed so tight
The black souls were packed in blood and toil
The whites who welded those bloodied leather straps
Swung relentlessly on the backs of those black souls
Black souls that sought a better day
Black souls that never got a day of pay
So relentless was that quest for profits
It even turned their white Jesus into a cash seeking prophet
Something about those bloodied cotton fields just wasn’t right
So now it’s 2021 white denial is in the air
Yet cotton’s wealth and bloodied fields
Took millions of souls of black folks with bushy locks
But dammit America whose price is it to pay
When will Black America’s black lost black souls have their say
Why does White America continue to say it no longer has a debt to pay
A simply sorry America just won’t do
Only by paying descendants of those black souls lost can America
pay the debt that is now due
Only then America will your founding principles then stand true