Mar. 5, 2021

The Impact of Low Literacy During a Public Health Crisis

Literacy is an ability to understand, identify, interpret, create, communicate, and compute, using printed and written materials associated with varying contexts at the center of all those skills? Reading. Literacy doesn’t just stop at reading and understanding words on paper. Many other kinds of literacy are also important for people to live healthy, productive lives and meaningfully participate in society: in order to fully function and participate effectively in this nation you must also master these literacies:
Mathematical literacy, scientific literacy, digital literacy, and civic literacy. As a black community we must ensure that we guide our community members to elevate a conscience empowerment and mastery of each of these literacy. This is the reason I continue to work everyday towards illuminating the universal goal of engaged black strategic readers. Because we cannot compete in today's or tomorrow's world without fully modeling these skills on an everyday basis. More than 36 million American adults cannot read or function above a third grade level. How many of those 36 million are Americans of African descent? Way too many for me to accept. Listen to my reading of a paper done by Anita Carif today and SHARE IT WITH OTHERS. If you don't think this lost year of classroom education due toe COVID restrictions will not effect our black communities. You are living with your head stuck in the sands of ignorance.