Mar. 2, 2021

Rest Well Vernon Jordan

Vernon Jordan passed away today. Mr. Jordan never held a political elected position but that's not to say Mr. Jordan didn't carry political cache or meaningful political power. Because he certainly did carry the power of influence in the Democratic Party. As matter of fact, Mr. Jordan carries the sway of political power in both major American political parties. The beauty of Mr. Jordan was his ability to enter a room of dynamic individuals whether black, red, brown, or white, and instantly become the most interesting person in the room. Mr. Jordan was a political fixer who saved the Presidency of William Clinton when that Presidency was entering and about to tumble. He was such a powerful figure that white supremacist groups targeted him for assassination. Why? Because Mr. Jordan repelled the lie that power entrusted in the hands of a black power broker couldn't be successful. The reality is Vernon Jordan put that myth of black political inferiority to bed and covered it with blankets of remarkable life accomplishments. Never elected to public office and never held a position in any federal or state administration, Mr. Jordan still influenced day-to-day public policy. I feel if Mr. Jordan had taken hold of Representative John Conyers HR 40 Reparations Bill, he may have been able to shephard that bill through the rocky waters of Congress. Many may say Mr. Jordan should've sought elective office. Hell, I personally feel that he should have been America’s first Black President but that's a story for another day. He probably a little to dark in hue to be elected but nevertheless I salute the life of Vernon Jordan today.