Feb. 28, 2021

I hope My Blog Educated My Community This Month

Yes, the institution of that murderous peculiar savage American slavery ended with the ratification of the 13th Amendment in 1865. However, if you think that slavery ended you’re completely devoid of any understanding of American History when it relates to the horrific treatment of Americans of African Descent.
Just like the murderous imperialistic policies that left millions of Native Americans murdered because they didn’t make good slaves because they understood that the land they were told to work for free was their lands initially. White Americans had to implement strategies to ensure that nothing would or could stop those in power economically, politically and socially from taking full advantage of peoples of color. Whether these people were black, brown, red, or yellow, whiteness ruled and humanity suffered. Looking back at the history of this nation you find a nation of white Americans seeped in racial murderous hatred. You also find a nation of White Americans in complete denial of responsibility in regards to accepting accountability for the millions upon millions of acts of oppression.
Whether you discuss the whitening righteousness of manifest destiny or the whitening righteousness of white on black brutality. It still is on the same plane of historical deception. Deny, deny, deny, cover up, cover up, cover up and hopefully you will get those whose ancestors were oppressed to forget, forget, forget and finally accept, accept, accept without gaining any atonement or sacrifice from the oppressors. Today’s post on this Tuesday’s Black History Month blog links the wool-lined smallpox infested blankets given to our red brother’s ancestors to the blood filled green courtyards holding the murdered souls of my black ancestors all for the righteousness of whiteness and falsity of a pure nation. America, I ask again who pays?